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Fiddle Club T-shirts - $15

Flaunt your love of Scottish fiddle music by wearing one of our T-shirts! High fashion in any season, our dashing t-shirts feature the Fiddle Club logo and it's rampant fiddling lion, and immediately identify you as member or fan. A Fiddle Club T-shirt is the semi-official uniform we wear at performances, but also makes a great gift for friends and family.
Fiddle Club t-shirts come in regular and ladies' small, medium, large, and X-large. Two color schemes are available: white on blue, evoking the Saltire, and red on yellow, evoking the standard of Robert the Bruce.
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Better Days Better Days by Elke Baker - $15
Elke Baker with Terpsichore, Sugar Beat, Trio con Brio and Olde Vienna A collection of waltzes, tangos, and other couple dances in a broad range of styles. The four ensembles featured on this album each have a unique repertoire and character, and many of my talented colleagues are also skillful composers and arrangers. The pieces on this album evoke a wide range of musical images: a Bavarian festival, an Argentine milonga, a French café, the exuberance of mariachi, the wild landscape of Scotland, Latin heat and fire, a klezmer introspection, the gritty passion of Euro tango, the bubbling excitement of old Vienna, a nostalgic look back at the past and a hope for Better Days to come.
Elke Baker, violin and viola; Susan Brandt, flute; Liz Donaldson, piano; Marc Glickman, piano; Ralph Gordon, bass; Barbara Heitz, flute; Jonathan Jensen, piano; Paul Oorts, mandolin and accordion; Dave Wiesler, piano.
On a Cold Winters Day On a Cold Winter's Day by Elke Baker and Ken Kolodner - $15
A Collection of Music for the Winter Season. Airs and carols, dance tunes and reflections on the season from diverse traditions. Beautiful arrangements played by master musicians.
Elke Baker, fiddle and viola; Ken Kolodner, hammered dulcimer and fiddle; Robin Bullock, guitar, 12-string guitar, and cittern; Alex Lacquement, bass
Wait til You Hear This One Wait 'til You Hear This One by Sugar Beat - $15
Sugar Beat has been making music together for nearly two decades. Fiddler Elke Baker, flutist Susan Brandt, and pianist Marc Glickman have honed their style at dance halls, where the drive and creativity of their contra dance arrangements never fail to energize the crowd. Blending Irish, American, Scottish, Québécois, and Klezmer traditions with contemporary improvisation and their own original compositions, their dynamic performance has the effect of making you think with your feet.
Elke Baker, fiddle; Susan Brandt, flute; Marc Glickman, piano
A Dancers Best Friend A Dancer's Best Friend by Terpsichore - $15
Terpsichore's third Scottish Country Dance album provides proof in the listening of why this band is truly a dancer's best friend. Three sets of strathspeys and a set of song airs demonstrate their absolute mastery of this dance form, each set a powerful journey across the musical landscape. Jigs cover the territory from contemporary to classic, while reels range from scots measures from the 1600's to the contemporary blast of The Accordion Player. It's been said that Terpsichore "rocks the traditional" and when you hear their version of Mrs MacLeod, you'll surely agree. Waltzes include Liz's original Oh! To Joy, dancing like a feather in the breeze, and deep layers of gorgeous sound in the Burns tune Laddie Lie Near Me.
Elke Baker, fiddle & viola; Liz Donaldson, piano; Ralph Gordon, bass and cello
A Ghlas Mheur A Ghlas Mheur - The Finger Lock by Elke Baker - $5
A' Ghlas Mheur (The Finger Lock) is a pibroch, a melody from the art music of the Highland Bagpipe. Attributed to the 18th century piper Raghnall Mac Ailein Òig, and transcribed for instruments other than the bagpipe in Patrick MacDonald's 1784 collection, Elke has recorded this tune for the first time ever on Fiddle, using ornamentation & techniques unique to the fiddle.
Elke Baker, fiddle
Out of the Wood Out of the Wood by Ken Kolodner & Elke Baker - $15
TAfter performing together for 15 years, Scottish National Fiddle Champion Elke Baker and hammered dulcimer virtuouso and old-time fiddler Ken Kolodner team to present original and traditional music from Scotland, Ireland, Appalachia, Quebec and England.
Elke Baker, fiddle; Ken Kolodner, hammered dulcimer; Brad Kolodner, clawhammer banjo; Eric Eid-Reiner, fiddle
Caledonian Muse Caledonian Muse by Terpsichore - $15
Terpsichore's long-awaited second album of Scottish Country Dance music features some favorite dances married to beautifully crafted medleys to create a feast for the ears as well as the feet. You don't have to be a dancer to enjoy the happy exuberance of "Luckenbooth Brooch" or the seamless interweaving of fiddle, cello, and piano in "Bedrule." The slowly developing power of "Monymusk" rewards the patient listener with an intense experience of strathspey, the heart and soul of Scottish music. A waltz of irrepressible brightness from the pen of Liz Donaldson shines in the middle. The well-known classic "The Duke of Perth" is revisited with a surprising, fresh approach, backed by authoritative scholarly research. Jigs by two of Scotland's best fiddle composers, Marshall and Mackintosh, are transported in Terpsichore's hands far beyond mere good fun to reach sublime heights. Inspired improvisations on a set of Mackintosh strathspeys make it clear why Terpsichore is justly famed for sizzling hot strathspeys.
Elke Baker, fiddle; Liz Donaldson, piano; Ralph Gordon, bass and cello
Glenelg GlenElg by Elke Baker - $15
Impressive for its rhythmic energy and deep emotion, this exquisitely crafted recording explores theme and variation in Scottish music, from the Early Music sound of "Old Age and Young" to the irresistible step-dancing rhythms of Cape Breton. Strathspey medleys build to fever pitch, explode into reel time, and continue to build. Highlands, Islands, and Lowlands are evoked with the haunting oceanic "Rowing from Isla to Uist" and fiery variations on "Katherine Oggie." Every variation, every phrase, and every birl of "Crossing the Minch" has something new to say. Includes the inspiringly beautiful "Thug mi gaol do'n ghille ruadh (I fell in love with a red-haired lad)." Produced by Grammy winner Cathy Fink.
Elke Baker, fiddle and viola; Myron Bretholz, bodhran; Robin Bullock, cittern and guitar; Liz Donaldson, piano and accordion; Ralph Gordon, bass; Ken Kolodner, hammered dulcimer; Marcy Marxer, percussion; Sue Richards, Celtic harp; Terry Traub, Cape Breton piano; Larry Unger, guitar
Over the Border Over the Border by Elke Baker - $15
This perpetual bestseller explores the hot zone where the fiddling traditions of Scotland and America meet. The result is explosively energetic dance medleys and heart-moving slow airs. A generous selection of established favorites, rediscovered gems, improvisations, and original compositions (including the much-requested "Bligh's Farewell") fills the CD.
Elke Baker, fiddle and viola; Dave Wiesler, piano; Larry Unger, guitar and banjo; Ralph Gordon, bass and cello; Sue Richards, Celtic harp; Myron Bretholz, bodhran and percussion.

"A CD of rare delight, precise technical skill, and fullness of soul." -Celtic Beat
"She simply makes a feast of the Cape Breton tune 'Down the Broom' and she burns down the hall on reels like 'Foxhunters' and 'Reel Eboulement'... This is an album worth seeking out." -Sing Out! Magazine
Terpsichore Terpsichore by Terpsichore - $15
Toe-tapping rhythms, expressive playing, creative arrangements, and a clean, no-fuss sound have made this album a classic of the genre. It's requisite listening for any fan of Scottish dancing. A popular choice for dancers and listeners alike around the world, from South Africa to Saskatchewan.
Elke Baker, fiddle, and Liz Donaldson, piano

"Makes me want to dance!" -Dr. J. Smith, Seattle
"The surgeon general will catch up to Elke Baker one day and slap the mandatory warning sign on her forehead: 'Warning: Scottish fiddle playing can be addictive and cause toes to tap.'" -Gazette Papers
On The Brink On the Brink by Peat & Barley - $15
"On the Brink," is a pleasing collection of Celtic and original tunes ranging in mood from darkly mysterious to playfully lighthearted and includes toe-tapping jigs and reels as well as lyrical airs and waltzes. Peat & Barley's stylish arrangements of traditional Celtic tunes highlight the interplay between the hammered dulcimer and fiddle - each contributing structure and melody in turn. Bill and Becky have been playing together as Peat & Barley since 1996 and recorded their first album, "Reflections on Big Moose Lake," in 1998 (out of print).
Becky Ross, Fiddle and Bill Mitchell, Hammered Dulcimer

Silver Lining Silver Lining by Peat & Barley - $15
Like a fine Scotch whisky, Peat & Barley's music is complex, inviting and always goes down smooth. Their special Celtic blend of hammered dulcimer and fiddle - trading melody, rhythm and harmony - draws the listener into the ebb and flow of the music in a centering and refreshing way. Widely-regarded for their stylish arrangements of traditional Celtic tunes, the duo continue to delight listeners with an engaging mix of mostly traditional Scottish and Irish tunes.
Becky Ross, Fiddle and Bill Mitchell, Hammered Dulcimer

"This lovely CD is a fine example of the quieter side of the Celtic tradition." -Dirty Linen
A Sheep at the Wheel A Sheep at the Wheel by A Sheep at the Wheel - $15
Are ewe ready for some sheep thrills? A Sheep at the Wheel plays Scottish music for dances, folk festivals, historical events, weddings, parties, sheep shearings, and wool gatherings. They wool impress ewe with their shearly delightful music. They're really not baa-aa-aad!
Becky Ross, Fiddle; Karin Loya, Cello; Julie Gorka, Piano with Walt Robinson, Recorder and David Scheim, Harp

English Echoes English Echoes: English Country Dance Favorites by Liz Donaldson, Colleen Reed, Becky Ross - $15
This trio plays regularly as part of a vibrant community of musicians at the weekly English Country Dance in Glen Echo, MD. They have found an easy chemistry, weaving together sweet harmonies and melodies with lively rhythmic punctuation. English Echoes represents a selection of favorite tunes offering a variety of meters and moods, from elegant and smooth to bouncy and lively. The selections form a dance program representing a variety of styles and dance formations.
Liz Donaldson, Piano; Becky Ross, fiddle and Colleen Reed, flute

English Echoes English Echoes II: More English Country Dance Favorites by Liz Donaldson, Colleen Reed, Becky Ross - $15
English Echoes II contains 16 more of our favorite English Country Dance tunes, offering a variety of meters and modes from elegant and smooth to bouncy and lively. While designed as a dance recording we hope you will also enjoy it to listen to.
Liz Donaldson, piano; Becky Ross, fiddle; Colleen Reed, flute; with Bruce Edwards, bassoon

On the Map On the Map by Tasker's Chance - $15
Tasker's Chance's members, each from a different musical background, have combined their musical strengths with a shared interest in history to develop entertaining and informative programs of the popular music of early America.
Music has always been a part of daily life, but it was also used to transmit history and even shape it. Great men and events were celebrated in song. Music was used to protest the oppressive English tax laws that led to the American Revolution. Other music was used to ease the burden of work on land or at sea. Love and loss found expression in ballads that still speak to us. Dancing was an important form of social interaction. At times the only way a young couple could touch or exchange a few private words was under the watchful gaze of a chaperone.
Deborah Brower, lead vocals, guitar and bodhran; Elaine Newhall, flute and pennywhistle; and Becky Ross, fiddle and harmony vocals

Home Home with The Homespun Ceilidh Band - $15
Are you looking for high-energy traditional or comtemporary Celtic music? The Homespun Ceilidh Band can deliver just what you need! On Home with the Homespun Ceilidh Band, we mix in a few original tunes along with the enthusiastic performances of traditional Scottish and Irish dance music our audiences love. From familiar reels, jigs, strathspeys, and marches, to the less common an dro, and a bransle, we'll make you want to get up and move. With fiddles, whistle, flute, recoder, bouzouki, viola de gamba, hammered dulcimer, guitars, cittern, and two bodhrans, we've got an unmatched sound that breathes fresh life into a timeless style of music that has already brought joy to generations.
Glenn Arthur, guitar; Felicia Eberling, Viola da Gamba & recorder; Jennifer Lubell, bodhran; Bill Mitchell, hammered dulcimer; Becky Ross, fiddle; Jim Stimson, cittern; Mickael Stoddard, Irish bouzouki & flite; John Ward, fiddle and Trix Whitehall, bodhran and vocals.

Memories of Scottish Weekend Memories of Scottish Weekend - $15
with Earl Gaddis, Steve Hickman, Anne Hooper, Calum MacKinnon, Marty Taylor, Liz Donaldson, Ralph Gordon, and Dan Emery.
An exciting and vibrant CD of Scottish Country Dance Music recorded live.
Includes music for the following dances: Swiss Lassie 8X32 R, Last of the Lairds 8x32J, Adieu Mon Ami 8x32S, Blue Bonnets (with Pipes) 8x32J, De'il amang the Tailors 8x32R, Lezlie & Gordon's Waltz, Fireside Reel 8x32R, Flock of Geese 5x32J, The Sailor 8x32H, Miss Gibson's Strathspey 8x32, Mrs. Stewart's Jig 8x32J, Montgomeries' Rant or The Full Monty 8x32R, Lullaby for Kim (Waltz)

This item not available for pickup
More Memories of Scottish Weekend More Memories of Scottish Weekend - $15
with Liz Donaldson, Dan Emery, Earl Gaddis, Ralph Gordon, Anne Hooper, Betsy Hooper, David Knight, and Dave Wiesler.
A second live CD of Scottish Country Dance music recorded in 2002 by popular demand.
Includes music for the following dances: Hornpipes Suitable for Catch the Wind 8x32H, The Jubilee Jig 8x32J, Asilomar Romantic 8x32S, Duke of Atholl's Reel (Pipes) 8x32J, Denise's Waltz 5x32W, The Royal Deeside Railway 8x32R, Set of Strathspeys 3x32S, Waverley 8x48J, Round Reel of Eight 1x88R, Gypsy Weaver 8x32S, EH3 7AF 8x32J, Balquidder Strathspey 8x32S, The Mason's Apron 8x32R, Bonnie at Morn 4x32W

This item not available for pickup
Waverley Station Waverley Station: First Stop! - $15
with Liz Donaldson, piano; David Knight, fiddle; and Ralph Gordon, cello and bass
A dynamic Scottish Country Dance recording containing new sets of traditional and contemporary jigs, reels, strathspeys and waltzes, for dancing.
Includes music for the following dances: 8x32 Reels Hebridean Waulking Song/Banks of Inverness/Lochiel's March/Campbell's Farewell, 8x32 Jigs The Sailor's Wife/The Standards/Have a Drink With Me, 4x32 Strathspeys Young Invercauld's/Appin House/Gordon Castle/Bonnie Beatons, 8x32 Jigs Miss Trotter's Reel - of Castlelaw/Miss Hannah, Elgin/Pete & Lori's Wedding/Lady Louisa Russell's Jig/Hey to the Camp, 8x32 Strathspey Airs A Song for Sheryl/David's Air/Rorate Coeli/I Long for Thy Virginitie, 8x40 Reels (suitable for "Foggy River Reel"), 3x32 Waltz "The Outskirts", 8x32 Hornpipes Ramblewood Hornpipe/Hang Fire/Harlequin/Virginia Hornpipe, 8x32 Strathspeys Fiona Miller's/Sandy Buchanan's/The Warlocks/S' ann an Ile, 4x64 Pipe Jigs The Curlew/Chatterin' Teeth/Paddy's Leather Breeches, 8x32 Reels Mo Chuachag Lagach Thu/Stan Hamilton/Jock Broke da Prison Door/Pull the Arms off the Clock, 2.5x32 Waltz "Waiting For Jim"

This item not available for pickup
Scottish Dance Class Tunes Scottish Dance Class Tunes (Revised!) arr. by Liz Donaldson - $20
Also known as the "little pink book", a collection of 108 traditional tunes suitable for Scottish Country Dance classes. Includes sections of:
  • Marches and Waltzes for warm-up/cool-down exercises
  • Reels suitable for Pas de Basque step practice
  • Jigs, Reels, and Strathspeys
In most cases two pages face, providing 6 tunes in a variety of keys which can be played in any order to make up a tune medley.

This item not available for pickup

Scottish Tune Medleys Scottish Tune Medleys arr. by Liz Donaldson - $20
Scottish Tune Medleys is intended as a supplement to the now-familiar "little pink book," Scottish Dance Class Tunes issued in 2000 which contains user-friendly familiar tunes good for playing for Scottish Dance Classes. Scottish Tune Medleys includes a host of mostly traditional tunes presented in medley format for your enjoyment whether performing concerts, playing for Scottish Country Dancing, or just for your own pleasure. There is a total of 220 tunes: Jigs, Reels, Strathspeys, and Waltzes encompassing a wide range of styles.

This item not available for pickup

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